Record in lossless WAV format

Voice Over Studio

Create and Record High Quality Voice Overs

Voice Over Studios London

Fully equipped with experienced technician on site

  • Wimbledon Voice Over Studio

    With 4 x Microphones

  • London Bridge Voice Over Studio

    With 4 x Microphones

  • Hoxton Voice Over Studio

    With 4 x Microphones


Audio recorded at our studios

Create a great voice overs

Pictures of our voice recording studios in London

Record in comfort

Voice Over Studio in London

How it works

  • Confirm Date/Time

    Book a session through the booking system.

  • Relax and Record

    A technician will be on site, guiding you through the recording process

  • Receive Your Voice Over

    Your audio/video files will be transferred to your laptop

Whats included with my voice over studio booking?

High end equipment to amplify the quality of your voice over

  • RØDE Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Microphone XLR x 4
  • Zoom F6 recorder (Podcast is recorded onto a SD card)
  • Sony MDR Headphones x 6
  • Constant Led Lights x 2
  • Mobile Phone Holder Stands x 2
  • Camera Tripods x 2
  • Multiple Backdrops and Green Screen
  • Various other stands

Add Ons:

  • RØDE Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Microphone XLR x 2 – £5 each
  • Audio Transfer via email – £4.99
  • Sound Engineer – £20/hr

A Full Service Voice Over Studio In London

Tools, support & expertise to record voice overs

Create Your Own Set

Green Screen & backdrops provided

Film Your Show Easily

Equipment and support to film professionally

Live Stream Your Show

Live streaming tech and support upon request

Record with multiple hosts & guests

Record up to 8 people with social distancing

Connect with your guests remotely

Connect with your guests via phone or laptop

Live Edit Your Show

Have a show ready to upload shortly after recording

No need for technical expertise

Technician on site to assist through recording process

Covid Secure

Covid measures followed on site



Sound Proof Voice Over Studio In South West London 

Open: 24/7
Hire for £45 /hr

London Bridge

London Bridge

Professional Voice Over Studio In London Bridge

Open: 24/7
Hire for £60/hr



Spacious Voice Over Studio In East London

Open: 24/7
Hire for £70/hr

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Find Our Voice Over Studio in London

London Bridge

Located just 10 minutes from London Bridge or Borough Station


Outset Studio

Metal Box Factory, Unit 201
30 Great Guildford Street
London SE1 0HS

Nearest Stations:

London Bridge Station, Borough Station, Southwark Street & Waterloo


2 minutes from Hoxton station, 15 mins away from Shoreditch High Street Station and Old Street Station


Outset Studio
Brickfields, Unit G05
37 Cremer Street
London E2 8HD

Nearest Train:

Hoxton Station (Overground)

Shoreditch High Street (Overground)

Old Street Station (Underground)


Located 10 minutes from South Wimbledon tube station.


Outset Studio
Mainyard Studios
17 Lyon Road
London SW19 2RL

Nearest Tube:

South Wimbledon (Northern Line)

Nearest Tram:

Morden Road



What are you covid safety measures?

  • A max of 8 people in the studio at a time
  • We are wiping down our equipment and surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes after each session.
  • Disinfecting door handles at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Gloves and hand sanitisers on site. The staff will also be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Rescheduling and cancellation policy relaxed, bookings can be rescheduled if you feel ill, otherwise 48 hour cancellation policy applies
  • Temperature checks before entering the studio
  • We will be asking anyone coming to our studios for their appointment to also wash their hands on arrival or using the hand sanitizer gel.

Do you have any remote recording services?

Yes we do!

We have a remote recording service that consists of dropping a professional recording kit to multiple locations in London and within the M25.

Visit here for more information

Studio Equipment & Extras

What microphones do you use at the studio?

Each booking comes with 4 of the following microphones:

  • RØDE Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Microphone
  • 2 additional microphones can be added to your booking at a fee of £5 each.

How is the voice over recorded?

Your voice over will be recorded onto a Zoom H6. Each microphone records it’s own separate track making it easier to edit group conversations.

The files are saved as .WAV format, resulting in high quality sound which is also easier to edit

Do I need a sound engineer or videographer?

Our voice over studio in London is designed to be self serve, therefore we have made the recording process as simple as possible.

However a sound engineer  can be added to your booking to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Without a sound engineer you are taking full responsibility of the recording process and its on you to ensure everything is running smoothly. You will be provided with earphones to monitor the recording, plus a member of staff is on site to flag any issues/concerns.

Recording at our voice over studio in London

I am new to podcasting, will there be someone there to help?

An experienced member of staff is always on site during your booking. On your first booking we strongly recommend to arrive 15 minutes before your booking. The staff member will set up and show you how to use the recording equipment as well as instruct you on how to get the best quality recording.

How do I get my audio after I've finished recording?

Your audio file is recorded onto an SD card. After your session the audio file can either be transferred to your laptop.


You can also bring your own SD cards.

Bookings and Viewings

How do I book a session?

All bookings are done online via our booking system: outsetstudio.com/book-now/

Please note that bookings need to be made 48 hours in advance. If you need to make a booking in less than 48 hours please fill out the following form: outsetstudio.com/last-minute-studio-hire/

How do I book a viewing?

Viewings for our voice studios in London can be booked online via the booking system: outsetstudio.com/book-now/

You can also find more pictures of our voice over studios HERE

What is your cancellation policy?


Do you offer editing?

We do indeed offer audio editing, more information on the service can be found HERE

Editing rates are discounted by 15% if booked alongside a studio session.

How much does it cost?

  • Audio editing starts from £149.99 per 60 mins recording
  • A full price breakdown can be found HERE
  • Editing rates are discounted if booked alongside a studio session.

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