Podcast editing service

Podcast editing service

Audio & Video editing 

From £149.99

Pop Up Podcast

Pop Up Podcast

On location podcast recording

From £120/hr

Podcast Kit Delivery

Podcast Kit Delivery

Professional podcasting equipment delivered to you

From £150/day

Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Full service podcast production from idea to streaming platform

From £499.99/episode

From idea to streaming platforms

Full Service Podcast Services – From Editing to Production

Podcast Service Rates

  • Podcast Editing Service

    We transform your podcast to broadcast quality

    from £149.99/ep
  • Pop-up podcast service

    We come to you. On location podcast recording service

    from £120/hr
  • Podcast Kit Delivery

    We deliver professional podcast recording equipment to a location of your choice

    from £150/day
  • Podcast Production

    We work with you from idea to streaming platforms

    from £499.99/ep

Create captivating visuals for your podcast

Vodcasts filmed and edited by Outset Studio

Producing podcasts that resonate with your audience

A team of experts centred on that objective

Nurture Your Ideas

Work with our producers to turn your idea to a great show

Flawless Sound Quality

Expert engineers and editors to produce high quality audio

Your podcast filmed professionally

Experienced videographers to film show professionally

Live Stream Your Show

Live streaming support and tech available on request

Save time

Detailed and concise editing can take up to 4-6 times the length of recorded audio

Increase Video Engagement

Video editors can handle colour grading, multi cam cuts and more

Distribute on streaming platforms

Your podcast on major streaming platforms with detailed show notes

Increase reach on social platforms

We can produce social media cut downs to make your content shareable




What are you covid safety measures at your studios?

  • A max of 6-8 people in the studio at a time
  • We are wiping down our equipment and surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes after each session.
  • Disinfecting door handles at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Gloves and hand sanitisers on site. The staff will also be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Rescheduling and cancellation policy relaxed, bookings can be rescheduled if you feel ill, otherwise 48 hour cancellation policy applies
  • Temperature checks before entering the studio
  • We will be asking anyone coming to our studios for their appointment to also wash their hands on arrival or using the hand sanitizer gel.

What about recording remotely?

We can deliver our podcasting equipment to a location of your choice.

In this instance all equipment is wipe down and disinfected prior to being delivered


How does the pre-production process work?

The pre production process is there so we can outline your vision for your podcast and ensure that vision is meet.

There’s a few stages we go through to ensure that is achieved

  1. Initial podcast brief
  2. Consultation with producer
  3. Research & Scripting
  4. Planning and scheduling

Can you find hosts & guests?

We can indeed source hosts & guests that are aligned with your podcasting objectives

Booking hosts, talents and guests may incur additional fees


How does the recording process work?

The recording process is very simple and straight forward.

Depending on your requirements the recording sessions can happen in a number of ways:

  1. Record at one of our professional studios
  2. Record remotely and we deliver state of the equipment to you
  3. We come to you with our equipment and specialists

This will be decided upon during the planning and scheduling phase

Can you help me source a place to record my podcasts?

If you would like to record at a venue other than our studios, we can help with sourcing a venue in line with your podcasting vision.

During the consultation with the producer you can express all your ideas, we will then return with venue suggestions for you to choose from.

Booking venues will come with additional fees, which is subject to venue prices

Editing & Distribution

How does the editing process work?

Editing is a key part of our podcast production services

To initiate editing of your podcast, raw audio files will be sent across for you to listen to.

You will be sent across a live doc in which you list the edits and adjustments you would like to make to the audio. Our producers will also input provide input.

From that point our editors will make the specified adjustments

You will be sent the edited audio, in which you can request further revisions or approve to be uploaded onto streaming platforms

Can you produce jingles/intros and outros?

We can indeed produce jingles, these can either be composed and designed for your show or we can source royalty free music that’s in line with your podcast

Can you make trailers?

We can indeed make podcast and vodcast trailers. These are included as part of our production service

What are social cut downs?

We can make social cut downs consisting of either video clips and audio grams so you’re content is shareable across social media platforms.

These cut downs are 1×1 and 9×16, so they can be distributed amongst all major social media platforms

All of this is included as part of the our podcast production services

Can you upload my podcast onto different platforms?

We can upload your podcast/vodcast onto different platforms.

We will work with you to identify the best platforms for your show and the analytics required to track key performance metrics of your show

Location & Finding Us

Where are your studios located?

We have 3 podcasts  studios, from which you have access to: Wimbledon, London Bridge & Hoxton Shoreditch.

Locations will be selected during planning and scheduling sessions

You can find more pictures/videos of the studios on Instagram

Are you ready to begin your podcast?