Engage your audience with higher quality audio and video

Podcast Editing

By London's Leading Podcast Studio

Podcast Editing Services

Accelerate your podcast growth with great audio and video

  • Podcast Editing

    per 60 mins episode

  • Vodcast Editing

    per 60 mins episode

    From £359.99

Our Podcast Editors Transform Your Audio To Broadcast Quality

Podcast Audio Editing by Outset Studio

Focus on recording engaging content

Our podcast editors will handle the rest 😬

Save time

Detailed editing can take up to 4-6 x the length of recorded audio

Clean and clear audio

We remove background noise, awkward silences & more to produce great audio

Increase Video Engagement

Video editors can handle colour grading, multi cam cuts and more

Increase reach on social platforms

We can produce social media cut downs to make your content shareable

Create captivating visuals for your podcast

Vodcasts edited by Outset Studio

Increase engagement with high quality video and audio

Professional Podcast Editing

  • Podcast Edit

  • £179.99per 60 min episode
    • We take your  audio to broadcast quality (depending on quality of initial recording)
    • Volume levelling
    • Noise reduction
    • Mix down & mastering
    • Cutting & removing specific parts of audio
    • Anti – Hums
    • Anti – Hiss
    • Cross Fading
    • Insertion of Intro/Outro & Jingle
    • Removal of Loud Plosives
    • Full IO3 tagging

  • Vodcast Edit

  • £From 359.99per 60 min episode
    • We take your video and audio to broadcast quality (depending on quality of initial recording)
    • 4 camera angles
    • Colour grading
    • Volume levelling
    • Noise reduction
    • Audio mixdown & mastering
    • Insertion of  intro & outro
    • Cutting & removing specific parts of audio and video

A Simple, Fast & Reliable Process

How it works

  • Speak To Our Team

    Brief us on the details of your podcast

  • Select the service you require

    Book us through the booking system.

  • Send your audio/video files

    A live folder will be set up for you to submit your audio files

  • Submit your editing requests

    A live doc will be set up for you to add your edit suggestions

  • Your edited files will be sent back

    Your podcast will be sent in 4-5 working days

  • Your podcast is now ready to upload

    Either upload your podcast to various platforms or request further revisions


How does the editing process work?

To initiate the podcast editing service, raw audio files will be sent across for you to listen to.

You will be sent across a live doc in which you list the edits and adjustments you would like to make to the audio

From that point our editors will make the specified adjustments  to the audio

You will be sent the edited audio, ready to upload onto various platform.

What is your editing turnaround time?

up to 5 working days is our podcast editing service turnaround time.

How many revisions do I get?

Our podcast editing service comes with 2 revision.

Can you make trailers?

We can indeed make podcast and vodcast trailers.

Price will depend on what you looking to create, please email us [Hello@outsetstudio.com] with your specs or an example of the trailer you are looking to create.