Best Way To Record A Podcast: Do I need a Podcast Studio?

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Best Way To Record A Podcast: Do I need a Podcast Studio?

As of recent there has been an increase in the number of people starting their podcast series. This is due to the increase in podcast listenership. Audiences are tuning into their favourite shows while commuting to work or simply chilling at home.

For many, listening to podcasts expands their knowledge on topics such as healthcare, politics and climate change. While for others; it’s a portable way to stay entertained instead of sitting down at a TV screen.

All in all, people’s inclination towards podcasts is surely growing day-by-day, encouraging new entrants to start their own podcast show. However, the only thing that happens to prevent them from doing so is the dilemma of whether or not they should opt for building a fully-furnished podcast recording studio or stick with the podcast studio hire route.

Podcast listener-ship is growing day-by-day, opening up large audiences for creatives to launch their own show.
However, a question to consider when starting is;
should I build my own fully-furnished podcast recording studio?
Or should I hire a podcast recording studio?
Starting a podcast from home is very much achievable, and can be cost effective depending on the quality of sound you are after. But, costs can rise considerably if you are looking to produce high-quality audio and video files for you podcast.

Equipment such as graded microphones, cameras and constant lights (in the case of video podcasts, aka ‘vodcasts’), acoustic panels are all important elements in delivering outstanding podcast content.

And with many established podcasters who already have a fan base, it is very difficult to compete without producing high quality and engaging content. Therefore, in order to stand out, investing in a quality studio set up is required however this can be risky particularly at the starting up phase. 

An alternative, is hiring a professional podcast studio to create premium-quality podcasts. . This will help you to stand out from other podcasters resulting in-larger audience traffic towards your platform, without the need of a huge upfront investment.

So the bottom line thus far is; building a home studio is doable however, it is an expensive route to take, especially considering the amount of initial investment you will need to make on equipment  and, whether or not you can commit to this arrangement in the long run. Qhile at an actual recording studio, everything from A-Z will be taken care of and you pay as of when you need the studio.

If you are looking to start a podcast but minus the hassle, here are some reasons why you should opt for hiring a recording studio:

Maximized Acoustic Quality

Hiring a professional recording studio to carry out your podcast guarantees a certain level of quality. Recording studios are equipped with some of the most stellar tools and instruments in ensuring optimised audio and video files. Not just that, recording studios have lots to offer when it comes to acoustic spaces optimised solely to record a podcast session. 

Armed with some of the most distinguished overhead microphones and headphones, recording studios are designed to deliver incredible sound quality while accommodating individuals with cue mix systems as well as personal monitor mixers. These tools are used by recording studios so that the sound quality is consistent and adjusted as per the podcaster’s preference.

Recording studios have what we consider the perfect acoustic treatment consisting of elements such as bass traps, acoustic panels, and diffusers. A recording studio cannot function without the bass traps as these are inserted on wall panels to absorb low bass frequencies as well as mid-high frequencies during a recording session.

Acoustic panels are another major component of a professional studio and are placed to absorb mainly mid-high frequencies.  Then, you have the diffusers – which diffuse or spread out any remaining frequencies in the room.

There are many features present in a recording studio which require a substantial investment such as ceiling panels, sound-sealed doors, acoustic curtains, and secondary window glazing – all of which absorb excess sound waves to produce excellent sound quality resulting in clear and crisp podcasts!

Professional recording studios are built in a way keeping both sound and video quality in mind; so everything from the window panels, acoustic setup, height of ceilings, etc. is given full consideration to result in superb digital media output.

A Gear like No Other

Does your home studio happen to have a variety of microphones to choose from depending on the type of sound you are going for? Probably not. On top of offering matchless acoustic tools and instruments, recording studios have to offer a variety of sonic characteristics that are not available on hand to podcasters with a home studio setup.

Equipment such as backdrop holders, stable lighting setup, and access to multiple high-quality cameras are not commonly found in average home studios. They take up plenty of real estate as well as a bucket-load of money for investment.

Assistance of Sound Engineers

Before you take matters into your own hands and mess your podcast up, why not head over to a professional recording studio to have the supervised assistance of the studio’s engineer staff? Rectifying disturbances in sound and video quality is what they are skilled in and are sure to fine-tune, edit, and mechanically resolve any technical issues at hand.

Creative Freedom

Working alongside a team of audio and video recording experts and engineers, also  helps to facilitates creative content  like never before. Why? Because to craft creative podcast content, you need to focus solely on producing the finest content quality for your audience rather than panicking about fulfilling technical requirements for your podcast. This frees your headspace and allows you to bring your creative imagination to life!

Instead of being a one-man show at your home studio where you have to take care of both the recording, producing creative content, editing, and finally, launching your podcast to the public. At a studio you can focus on what really matters, which is creating the content that your audience truly cares about and resonates with.

If you are looking for a hideout to peacefully record your podcasts without the hustle and bustle of external and internal sounds, check out our recording studios at Outset Studio based in London, UK. Want to know more about us? Check us out at https://outsetstudio.com/ for more information about our services.

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