Membership terms and conditions

Outset Studio – Membership Agreement

Please note that the booking T&C apply which can be found here: https://outsetstudio.com/outset-studio-booking-agreement/



  • by purchasing a membership, we will be providing you with a discounted rate as long as you are a member.
  • Any credit (hours) you are not using during the month, will roll over into the next month.
  • Please make sure you use the credit (hours) you have as much as possible.


Reschedule/cancellation/refund policy:

  • We require 48 hours’ notice if you like to reschedule, and 1 weeks notice for any cancellation of your session
  • You can cancel your membership at any time you like through your membership page, if you can’t find this please let us know and we will resend this to you.
  • If you cancel your membership, it will stay active until the next month’s payment cycle.
    • For example: If your monthly payment is on the 3rd of each month and you cancel on the 5th of the month, your membership will stay active until the 3rd of next month.
  • If you still have credit (hours) left over when you cancel your membership, you will be able to use the credit until the next month’s payment cycle, however not after.
  • If you changed your mind within 14 days of the membership being set up we will refund you fully as long as no credit (hours) have been used, or a partial refund if you used your membership during that time.
  • No refund will be given if you have credit (hours) left over at the end of your membership.


By purchasing a membership with us you agree to abide by the terms set out in this Membership Agreement.

Effective from 3rd January 2020

These terms and conditions shall be read and construed in accordance with English Law.