Recording Podcasts Remotely COVID-19

If you are looking to record a high-quality podcast remotely (e.g. from home) get in touch below with us.

There are many platforms that offer adequate audio quality for convenience (Skype, etc.) but to achieve the best quality audio we’ve opted for a premium service that is like a ‘virtual studio’, we will provide the host/presenter with a high-quality USB microphone (delivered to each person) to ensure the best possible quality. We’ll run you and your guests through every stage of the recording and once it’s done, we’ll process the audio and clean it up for you for even better output.
You can record a podcast along with as many guests as you like through a secure, browser-based system.
We will take care of the technical stuff, while you focus on creating engaging content.

What is required?

  • PC, Mac or even smartphone with a Chrome browser installed.
  • A pair of headphones
  • Access to a good broadband connection (if you can watch youtube without buffering you are good)
  • preferably somewhere quiet

Please get in touch below to find out more about this service.


The approximate date is fine.
Hosts + Guests
Provide any additional information, for example, what area of London you are based, what city outside London.. etc.

Are you ready to begin your podcast?